By providing a wide variety of training programs, HMSA can assist your organization in promoting a healthy and motivated work environment where employees are engaged and effective. These training opportunities are designed to educate and motivate employees and managers to be proactive and effective in managing their work responsibilities and personal lives.

HMSA training sessions engage participants in collaborative learning. Our carefully selected and experienced subject matter experts guide participants through content while facilitating group discussions. This interactive training environment allows for the discussion and sharing of ideas, and aids in transferring learned skills back to the workplace and personal life.


Wonderful presentation! The speaker engaged the audience and presented the information in a very understandable manner.

Training client

Monthly topical training sessions

These sessions are available to all EAP client companies at no cost. Client company HR managers and employees are invited to attend these trainings in-person at our corporate headquarters, or online via our web-based network called VIATV.

SHRM HR Certified Approved Provider

Many companies have utilized compliance training as a preemptive strategy to avoid costly labor disputes and lawsuits. In response, HMSA has developed trainings that answer commonly requested compliance topics, and we are proud to say that we are an approved provider of The Society of Human Resource Management, NASW, and NAADAC.

VIATV Network: An HMSA exclusive

VIATV Network uses live streaming video to train any size employee group regardless of location or what platform you choose to watch on it on. VIATV Network provides a clear, simultaneous broadcast for all to follow and participate in.

Flexible training options

Your employees and managers can choose from on-site training, live webinars, customize your unique training with HMSA’s video production capabilities.

Training topics include...

  • Workplace issues
  • Personal development
  • Child care
  • Adult care
  • Legal matters
  • Personal finance issues
  • Nursing
  • Parenting
  • Wellness
  • Management and leadership development
  • And many others

Learn how HMSA can provide information on our network and facilitators, seminar planning, parenting seminars, wellness seminars, professional development, global relocation, legal and financial information, monthly webinar packages and more.

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