Visitor Information

Reminder Calls:

You may receive a reminder call one business day before your appointment date, unless you declined to receive the reminder call. If you were not asked about getting a reminder call, feel free to call 800-847-7240 and ask one of our representatives to add you to the reminder call list for all your future appointments. To cancel or reschedule an appointment contact us between 9-5 Monday through Friday at 800-847-7240.

Corporate Office Visitors:

601 Washington Blvd (at corner of Congress)
Detroit MI 48226
Look for a 3-story brick building across from the convention center.
You will see HMSA on the building


If you are coming in for a scheduled appointment, you may ask us to validate your parking at the following lot:

Downtown Garage
328 W.Congress
Detroit MI 48226
The parking structure is directly connected to our corporate headquarters.

When You Arrive/What to Expect:

  • Before getting buzzed in you will need to provide your name, time of appointment, and the counselor you are seeing.
  • You will sign in.
  • You will receive a visitor’s badge that you will need to wear at all times while in the building and return to the front desk upon leaving.
  • Submit the Client Initial Paperwork to the front desk upon your arrival.
smoke free area

Smoke Free Zone

Gun free area

Gun Free Zone

keep noise out

Quiet zone

HMSA wants to create a healthy, safe and professional environment for our employees and visitors. Therefore, please refrain from speaking loudly. Carrying any weapons and smoking in the building is strictly prohibited.

Thank You!

HMSA Management & Health & Safety Committee


HMSA is sensitive to the needs of our employees, they are familiar with our workplace culture, and their staff is competent, knowledgeable, and skilled in the field of services provided.

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