HMSA has been an innovator in behavioral change for over 35 years. Our unique approach helps employers aggregate an all-encompassing wellness strategy to cover all employees regardless of their selected health plan.

We also maximize the effectiveness of our programs by coordinating wellness and behavioral concerns under one integrated effort. Our methodology means that your employees are given a well-rounded approach to their wellness concerns and are provided with unrestricted access to all of our wellness services.

Our Work/Life and Wellness programs help employees and their families identify, resolve, and gain control over problems that interfere with daily life activities, health, and work performance. Evidence supports that these problems, when left unresolved, may negatively impact job performance, employee health and well-being.


The program is extremely beneficial. It helps me identify how I fall off-track and helps me make changes quickly.

Wellness client

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Telephonic wellness coaches encourage participants to adopt healthy lifestyles which lead to a more energized and productive workforce. The strength of our program begins with a comprehensive health risk assessment and includes the Mayo Clinic Certified expertise of wellness coaches whose role is to engage, assess, clarify, educate, and serve our clients. The program is built around a strong coaching platform that provides practical assistance to users regarding a wide variety of health and wellness issues.

HMSA provides a full menu of workplace wellness solutions to suit your needs.

  • Telephone and online wellness coaching
  • Implementation and promotion kit
  • Health and wellness web portal
  • Individual and aggregate reports
  • 24-hour nurse line
  • Online medical doctor consultations
  • Biometric screenings
  • Health risk assessments
  • Living Fit program (for exercise)
  • Living Lean program (for weight loss)
  • Living Free program (for smoking cessation)
  • Living Easy program (for stress)
  • Bi-Annual overeating campaign

The U.S. Surgeon General estimates that 75 percent of all illnesses can be attributed to lifestyle related causes.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services predicts that for every dollar spent on wellness initiatives, companies can save an average of three dollars on health related expenses, and six dollars on absenteeism.