Physical and Mental Health Services

Our experience has shown that formerly incarcerated individuals returning to the community are people and suffer from the same people-problems as other citizens. These individuals are not immune to stress, depression, and complex layers of medical conditions. Drawing from our experience in managing care for large commercial health insurance carriers, HMSA can also manage returning citizens with chronic illness, medically fragile conditions, and diagnosed mental health conditions.

From arranging transportation by ambulance to selecting special care residential facilities, our team of care managers can care for every detail following release. Many of the high-need program participants returning to the community require linkage with Medicare, SSI/SSDI, VA benefits, or other State and Federal benefit programs in which they qualify. Our skillful team can assist.

With a foundation in mental health services, HMSA can also leverage its experience in behavioral modification to overcome psychological issues confronting justice involved populations. Our team is often referred to as behavioral change agents as we focus on changing the mindset that has led to a history of poor life choices. We firmly believe that providing behavioral health treatment when needed can improve every aspect of the participants' wellbeing including job sustainability and economic stability. The benefits of addressing these issues can be significant in yielding both individual and societal rewards.