Michigan OS Program

Getting off on the Right Path

Health Management Systems of America (HMSA) is the Administrative Agency for the State of Michigan’s OS Reentry Program. In our contract with the Michigan Department of Corrections, our team effectively matches participant needs with cost-effective local resources.

The OS Reentry Program is a statewide program implemented by the Michigan Department of Corrections that assists recently paroled offenders to transition back into society.

HMSA is proud to serve Region 10 consisting of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties. The program offers the following services to individuals with a successful transition back into our communities:

Housing Stability

  • Basic housing supplies included.


  • Job readiness, including resume building, soft skills enhancement, mock interviews and more.
  • Job placement, including guidance on appropriate & realistic job choices.

Social Support

  • Clothing, hygiene/food assistance, ID, mentoring, pro-social activities, transportation vouchers, and more!

Health & Behavioral Health

  • Assessment, group & intervention services, trauma & individual counseling, psychiatric evaluation.

For more information about the OS Reentry Program, contact:
Shawn Burch Region 10 Program Manager
313-964-3100 or
email: shawn.burch@hmsanet.com

“We are proud to serve as the Administrative Agency for the Michigan Department of Corrections. Our recent award for visionary guidance has humbled us in gratitude and inspired us to reach new heights in our valued partnership.”

Shawn Burch

OS Reentry Program Manager - Region 10