Housing Security

HMSA understands the critical importance of achieving residential stability as the foundation for justice involved citizens to build upon more advanced needs. We strive to empower individuals to build better futures through supportive transitional housing that leads to permanent affordable housing. Through careful case coordination, our transitional housing also considers the proximity to the participant's employer and transportation services to work and other obligations. Our transitional housing solution includes both independent housing facilities and structured housing facilities with an onsite monitor for those participants who require it.

HMSA Housing Specialists also work closely with participants to ensure long range housing goals are met. Housing Specialists assist participants on their pathway to permanent housing by completing applications and providing documentation for the Housing Choice Vouchers and other qualifying long-term housing programs. Our Housing Team are continually combing the landscape for qualifying properties for our program participants to be placed in permanent housing.

As a data-driven organization, HMSA leverages industry leading software with its own propriety case management software to monitor housing stays, participant progress and share information across program silos. Our proprietary customer relationship management software is designed to share key information on residential placement, employment placement, employer feedback reports, and compliance with various program requirements. Detailed dashboards and reports can be generated at any time, and our database has the functionality to integrate new types of data without expensive software updates or a lengthy approval process.